TKG’s services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual donors, public and private funders, and nonprofit executives and boards in the areas of strategic planning, governance, philanthropic initiatives, and program development. Our clients are engaged in such diverse fields as arts and culture, education, environmental conservation, public health, youth development, interfaith issues, civic affairs, and global understanding. They represent all scales of organizational development, from small, start-up ventures to established institutions with long traditions of distinguished community service.

Often we work with clients at important transitional points:

  • to launch new initiatives;
  • turn around ineffective operations;
  • increase organizational capacity;
  • assist with succession planning;
  • build effective partnerships; or
  • to help take an organization to its next level.

As a small firm, TKG’s consulting approach provides personalized, senior-level service in a cost-effective way. We take the time to thoroughly understand each client’s mission, current situation, organizational culture, and reasons for seeking a consultancy. Our fees are based on the scope of services we provide, which range from short-term research or advisory roles to comprehensive planning, assistance and implementation over a longer period of time.

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